About Us

At its heart, The Compliance Group is a service-oriented company supported by unrivalled expertise. In response to regulatory changes over the past several years from the CFPB alone, TCG has made its mission to assist both its clients and the industry. Applying decades of compliance experience, expertise and common sense, we assist clients in easily navigating these new regulatory channels. 

Why is TCG the Premier Mortgage Compliance Organization?

We work closely with regulators to gain a clear understanding of the application of federal and state laws related to mortgage lending. This relationship allows us to assist our clients in understanding the complexity of compliance, develop strengths in areas of risk, while turning Compliance and Quality Control into a profit center for your company.

Today, vendors like to claim compliance expertise. The plain truth is that many have only recently begun to focus on compliance. TCG has been delivering compliance services for over 17 years, and the compliance experience of our staff exceeds over 100 years of collective experience.  

TCG is distinguished by its hands-on approach. We do not just audit and deliver reports to our clients.  TCG has developed processes whereby we consult and guide our clients through identifying and solving compliance issues. Our mission is to operate as an extension of our client’s organization - not just simply act as a vendor.

Even more, TCG’s expertise goes beyond the compliance department. We have the ability to explore all aspects of our client’s operation and offer valuable insight for improvement.

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Meet Our Leadership Team:

Annemaria Allen headshot

Annemaria Allen


Annemaria Allen has an extensive background in the mortgage lending and banking industry covering over 27 years’ experience.  Ms. Allen served for several years as senior management in compliance for a top industry leader to the mortgage industry.  Recognizing the need for compliance support in the industry, Ms. Allen founded The Compliance Group in 2001, and the company began specializing in Multi-State Compliance and Licensing and Federal regulations such as but not limited to, RESPA, TILA, ECOA and Privacy, as well as, FHA and GSE audits and Quality Control.  She also designed and created a specialized software program for licensing tracking through + patent pending state of the art LicenseTracker system. Ms. Allen’s past experience includes working for several multi-billion dollar mortgage lending companies, Wall Street investment firms and national banks in leading rolls such as Chief Compliance Officer, equity research analyst in the top 15 stocks in the United States, appraising, underwriting, processing and funding. Past and present training and affiliations are ABA Compliance Graduate from the University of Oklahoma, extensive training through the MBA, ABA and FNMA and FREDDIE MAC seminars. Member and Board of Director for the CMBA and member of the Sub-Compliance Committee of the Mortgage Quality Assurance and Compliance Committee for CMBA. Member of AARMR. School trainer in the AARMR School for Mortgage Regulators in 2007 and 2008. Participated in the Alpha testing group for standardization of mortgage licensing applications with CSBS/AARMR. Member of CSBS and IDWG panel which works closely with the SSR and NMLS to develop and modify the NMLS system. MBA committee member on the developing of the Predatory Lending Course and Compliance Certification program. MBA member. Member of the MBA.  Ms. Allen is a frequent speaker and presenter on panels and conferences relating to regulatory developments in mortgage lending, Multi-State Licensing, Compliance and Quality Assurance. She has also written several published articles with The Mortgage Banking Magazine, Scottsman Guide, Servicing News, The National Mortgage News, NHEMA, Lending Success Magazine, CMBA quarterly newsletter, A.S. Pratt and Sons and the AARMR newsletter. In addition, Ms. Allen has been a guest speaker on the radio talk show of Bruce Norris and was a special guest of the “I Survived Real Estate in 2008” fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Annemaria is a proud member of the Women Presidents' Organization.

Jeremy Burcham headshot

Jeremy Burcham


Jeremy Burcham has served several years as an Executive in the mortgage lending industry. Primary areas of focus have included, Credit Policy, Compliance, Quality Control, Due Diligence and Mortgage Technology.  Before joining The Compliance Group, Jeremy Burcham was with companies such as Citi Mortgage, American Home Mortgage, Interthinx and ACES Risk Management Corporation (ARMCO) where he held key leadership positions in credit policy, quality control and business development. While at ARMCO, Burcham served as Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for leading Business Development and Operations functions. Prior to that, he lead the business development and creating the operational structure behind Interthinx’ s Quality Control Product, which offers third party quality control audits to mortgage lenders. Since joining The Compliance Group Mr. Burcham has taken an active role in broadening TCG’s operational processes, implemented new technologies with a primary focus on operation efficiencies and client security and Mr. Burcham has served as subject matter expert in the areas of origination and servicing quality control. Past and present training and affiliations include a B.A. in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, frequent participant in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac seminars. Member of the CMBA, MBA and ILMBA. Mr. Burcham has several publications and speaking roles within the industry.

Robyn Holyoak headshot

Robyn Holyoak

Chief Operating Officer, EVP

Robyn Holyoak brings 30 years’ experience in the financial industry to The Compliance Group, with specific emphasis in regulatory compliance, banking operations and legal administration.  As Chief Operating Officer, for TCG, Ms. Holyoak is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company, and has developed numerous audit platforms, processes and procedures within the Compliance and Servicing Departments.  Ms. Holyoak represents TCG as a compliance and servicing subject matter expert at various industry events.   Ms. Holyoak has also served as the Director of Compliance for The Compliance Group, Inc. and has managed TCG staff through successful compliance and servicing projects over the last several years.  Ms. Holyoak has participated in regulatory compliance and servicing conferences, as both a participant and guest speaker/presenter.  Prior to her employment with TCG, Ms. Holyoak managed the Legal Operations Staff at Kondaur Capital Corporation, as well as provided technical resources to the internal Compliance and Licensing Departments.  During her career, Ms. Holyoak other accomplishments have included management of federal and multi-state regulatory compliance and licensing for several mortgage companies, and serving as a corporate paralegal and legal investigator for private firms.  Ms. Holyoak has held various management positions in banking operations for sizeable Savings and Loan Associations.

Michelle Doyle headshot

Michelle Doyle

Chief Credit Officer, VP

Michelle Doyle is a professional mortgage industry leader with over 25 years of diversified experience in Operations,  Underwriting FHA, Conventional, VA and USDA loan types, Compliance, Training, and Quality Control of  FHA, VA, and  Conventional Lending.  Ms. Doyle is responsible for management of TCG’s Quality Control Division, which includes numerous clients nationwide.  She currently oversees all facets of the Quality Control operations including auditing, processing, and reporting departments.  Ms. Doyle has a strong knowledge of compliance with corporate policies/procedures and federal/state laws and regulations governing mortgage lending, including ECOA, TILA, RESPA, HMDA, FCRA, GLBA, HOEPA, FHA, FEMA Mandatory Purchase of Flood Insurance Guidelines, and lender products and services. She is responsible for maintaining the Quality Control policies/procedures for TCG’s audit review process.  Ms. Doyle has been instrumental in ensuring that Quality Control functions are performed in accordance with policies/procedures outlined in the clients’ investor guides and contractual obligations, as well as state and federal regulations and regulatory requirements. Prior to her role with TCG, Ms. Doyle has been involved with managing several Quality Control Programs, as well as experience with risk mitigation, including EPDs, FPD reviews and forensic analysis of Agency and ALT-A transactions, including an analysis of the application, credit bureau, income documents, appraisal, and title work with emphasis on fraud and misrepresentation.  She has also had several years of experience as an Underwriter for Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and sub-prime loans. 

Janet Twombly headshot

Janet Twombly

Director of Compliance and Loan Servicing

Janet Twombly has over 25 years’ experience with an extensive background in loan servicing operations, including reverse mortgages, compliance, audit oversight and risk reporting. Effective coordination of both internal and external audits and management of corrective action plans addressing identified audit findings.  She has been successful in identifying and assessing key risk areas and providing meaningful reporting metrics to senior management. Ms. Twombly has been instrumental in continuing to build and manage the Loan Servicing Division for several lending institutions.  She is currently directing TCG’s loan servicing and compliance divisions, which is comprised of an array of various servicing and compliance clients throughout the United States.  She manages internal staff to stay abreast of all federal and state regulations with respect to servicing and miscellaneous audits that are performed for TCG’s servicing clients.  She has a strong knowledge of GSE, FHA, CFPB and OCC guidelines.  Ms. Twombly has an expert knowledge in conducting comprehensive servicing reviews to determine if client is adhering to internal policy and procedures along with complying with their appropriate regulators.  She has been successful with working with clients who wish to bring their servicing portfolio in house by building a compliant platform with agency, state and federal regulations.  In addition, Ms. Twombly has developed quality control reviews in an effort to have a successful enterprise risk management platform in their respective servicing division.

Erik Allan headshot

Erik Allan

Director Quality Control

Erik Allan has an extensive background in operations management, fraud review and quality assurance in and out of the mortgage industry. He also has several years’ experience performing fraud reviews on behalf of the mortgage insurance industry. Mr. Allan is currently responsible for managing TCG’s QC auditing team and vendor management, to include the day-to-day communication with clients and team members. Prior to his role with TCG, Mr. Allan managed the auditing, reverification and client communications for another Quality Control program that provided post-close, pre funding, early payment default, first payment default and Cancel Denied Withdrawn reviews for the financial services industry and he also helped re-design their process flow to include the designing, testing and operations of a linear review system that improved the review and process.

Kiri Horne headshot

Kiri Horne

Quality Control Manager

Kiri Horne is an accomplished professional with over 17 years’ experience in the mortgage industry including risk management, fraud investigation, and quality control.  Ms. Horne was instrumental in the development and implementation of several loan processing systems and creating innovative strategies for team building and incentives that resulted in exceptionally high production.  As the Quality Control Manager for The Compliance Group, Ms. Horne is responsible for the daily operations of a team of quality control auditors including their development, training and compliance with agency, investor and quality requirements.  Additionally, she manages the audit pipeline and ensures that audits are being performed within the required investor guidelines, and also monitors audit results giving constant evaluation to management in order for TCG to maintain the highest audit quality.  Prior to coming to The Compliance Group, Ms. Horne spent 8 years at Interthinx, one of the industry leaders in fraud prevention software.  Her experience includes conducting quality control and due diligence audits, forensic audits, and several years managing multiple Quality Control Auditor Teams.  Education and affiliations include earning a B.A. in Business Management and she is also a member of the St. Louis FBI Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association.

Mark Naffin headshot

Mark Naffin

Servicing Quality Control Manager

Mark Naffin has more than 15 years of mortgage loan servicing experience, and has expert knowledge in default management, general servicing and FHA/GSE requirements.  Mr. Naffin has spent many years in customer service within the loan servicing operations, has had experience in servicing oversight and project management roles in various multi-billion dollar organizations.  He is currently responsible for performing servicing gap analysis and mock audits for TCG clients throughout the United States for compliance with state regulations, federal regulations, CFPB compliance, FHA guidelines and GSE guidelines.  He has been instrumental in developing a sub-servicing monitoring program for many of TCG’s clients.  In addition, Mr. Naffin oversees and performs loan level file reviews to ensure compliance with agency, state and federal regulatory requirements. He has a strong knowledge in servicing policy and procedure and loan level risk assessment.  Mr. Naffin has extensive background in loss mitigation, training, evaluation and reporting.  Prior to his tenure with TCG, Mr. Naffin has worked as a Repurchase Coordinator for servicing institutions where he managed and recovered several million dollars in the repurchase of outstanding assets.  His other career accomplishments include Communication Center Operator/Platoon Sergeant

United States Marine Corps- various duty stations 9 years- Honorably Discharged Security Clearance: TS {Inactive) and completion of Professional Development/Seminars; Loss Prevention and Money Laundering Course, San Diego, CA HUD Loan Servicing/Claim Processing, Buena Park, CA Leadership Training Courses, San Diego, CA, U.S. Marine Corps, San Diego, CA.

Linda Pelot headshot

Linda Pelot

Quality Control Processing Supervisor

Linda Pelot brings over 22 years of mortgage lending experience to The Compliance Group.  Ms. Pelot’s mortgage lending experience includes managing, underwriting, processing, accounting and various operations of the bank.  She has a strong background and knowledge of loan processing and underwriting guidelines in accordance with FHA, VA, and GSE requirements. Ms. Pelot is currently responsible for the Reprocessing Department for TCG’s Quality Control Division.  In her position, she ensures that all processing requirements are met according to guidelines and assists TCG’s clients with special needs in this area.   She is responsible for all training programs and policies and procedures within the Reprocessing Department.